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Ways with Whey

Updated: Sep 4, 2019


Whey is often the by-product of straining yoghurt or milk kefir.

Whey has many uses- don’t throw this good stuff out! It is full of beneficial lactobacillus bacteria.

- add it to your ferments

-drink it

-blend it through a smoothie

-use it as a probiotic-rich skin toner- the perfect skin food!

-feed it to your dog/cat/chickens

-soak your oats overnight in it

-soak other grains in it to help neutralise phytic acid before cooking them

-soak nuts in it to “activate” your nuts

-soak flour in it overnight to make pancakes in the morning

-add it to your bread dough when making sourdough or baking other muffins etc

-cook rice in it

-add it to homemade pesto, hummus, mayonnaise etc for a nutrient boost of live enzymes and bacteria.

- add to apple juice or orange juice to create a bubbly, fermented juice drink. (1L juice, one pinch of salt and 2tablepoons of whey in a jar. Allow it to ferment on the bench for 2-3 days until it becomes bubbly and delicious. Transfer to the fridge to serve cold.)

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