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Would you love to attend one of our life-changing fermenting workshops but haven't been able to? Have you attended one of Sammi's sell-out classes, but would love a refresher course, or some extra inspiration? Now you can explore the wonderful world of fermentation in the comfort of your own kitchen with our exclusive Fermenting Masterclass Online Video Course.


The full course gives an extensive introduction to the world of Fermentation with fermentation revivalist, nutritional researcher and owner of Fermenting Australia, Sammi Zajko. The course also provides an upbeat, fun, simple and inspirational approach to fermentation that will leave you feeling confident to ferment your own vegetables safely on your own home. 


The course explores some of the history and background of fermentation, the delicious flavour of fermented vegetables as well as the incredible health benefits of eating live, naturally microbially-rich foods.

Professionally filmed and edited, Sammi covers FIVE main fermentation recipes and concepts with full walkthroughs, expanded flavour ideas, tips and techniques. She covers everything you need to know to confidently master the art of fermentation, incorporate fermented foods into your lifestyle diet, transform your gut health and improve the overall health of you and your family.


Join in at home as Sammi shares her expansive knowledge base with you, walks you through her tried-and-true recipes for:

- Saurkraut (with flavour variations)

- Lacto-Fermented Pickles and other vegetables

- Kimchi (with variations)

- Kombucha (First and Second fermentation, SCOBY tips and ideas) AND

- Milk and Coconut milk Kefir


Also includes a handy Fermentation Q & A to answer all your questions about this this wonderful way of preparing, storing and eating traditional fermented foods.


Included in the Downloadable Zip File:

-The Fermenting Masterclass with Sammi Zajko: An 8-course videos including Fermenting Australia's tried-and-true recipes and preparation methods.

-The Fermenting Masterclass with Sammi Zajko PDF Transcript

-The Ultimate Guide to Fermented Foods: History and Method PDF Resource

-Expanded video content on Sammi's personal fascinating story and how she healed herself with fermentation

-Certificate of Completion.


This course also includes a FREE GIFT- a BONUS Fermenting Australia Saurkraut Ebook. 27 page with colour images, 6.8MB downloadable interative PDF file.


As an extra BONUS, you will also receive EXCLUSIVE life-time membership to a closed Facebook fermenting community with over 1100 members, daily inspiration and interactions with other fermenters across Australia and the globe, as well as access to follow-up support.

Fermenting Masterclass Video Course


    This video course​​​​​​ content and information within remains the intellectual property of Fermenting Australia and is licensed for the personal use of the purchaser. Therefore it may not be reproduced, copied, rented, resold or otherwise redistributed in any way under the relevant Copyright Laws.

    Please refer to the PDF resources for our Medical Disclaimer.


    You will have two options for downloading your course once you have completed your order and made your payment.

    • On-screen you will be given a clickable link to download the .zip file
    • If you wish to download this later, your order confirmation email should also contain the download link so be sure to enter your email address correctly when purchasing the course!


    The course is downloaded in .zip format which should be easily openable by right-clicking on most new computers and tablets. If you are unable to open the file you can download an unzip program for free online.


    Your materials will then be expanded into three folders:


    1. FA Masterclass Video Course - The complete course in video format
    2. FA Masterclass Additional Resources - The PDF Resources
    3. FA Bonus Extras - Sammi's Story Interview video and FREE Fermenting Australia Saurkraut Ebook


    You will also find your access keyword for joining our exclusive facebook Fermenting Community as well as a link to the group. Simply send us a message containing this keyword and we will approve your membership so you can interact and share knowledge with over 1100 fermenters!


    We've even included your FA Certificate of Completion as a printable PDF file!



    You will need a third party application such as iZip to open your zip files. This should be easily downloadable from your application store.

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