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Fermenting Australia was founded by fermentation revivalist, Sammi Zajko, eight years ago. Sammi has had over 10 years fermenting experience personally for health, vitality and fun.

She is a workshop facilitator, presenter, speaker, nutritional researcher, foodie, wild weed forager, mother and owner at Fermenting Australia.

Sammi has a background in Nutritional Medicine and natural health. She is based on the Central Coast and runs fermenting workshops all over regional NSW and QLD, as well as in Sydney and in Melbourne. Her passion is to teach and share the wonderful and fascinating world of fermented food in a way that is accessible, easy and fun. Her workshops are energetic, informative and dynamic. 

She has been a guest presenter at a number of high-profile food, sustainability and health events around Australia.

Sammi is also one half of The Gut Warriors- a dynamic duo who travel around the country teaching sell-out Gut Health Seminars. Sammi teaches extensively about the human microbiome, food to support gut health and of course, fermented foods.

Sammi is also available for Corporate Speaking events or workshops. please contact her to see how she can be part of your event.


Sammi is also a qualified counsellor, working in her own Holistic Counselling Private Practice on the Central Coast of NSW. She also takes onlne client sessions. 

Sammi is also a qualified and experienced doula (birth-support), Infant Massage Instructor, Swimming teacher, Dive Master, Reiki Practitioner and Shamanic Practitioner.


Sammi is a solo-mumma to her beautiful 9-year old boy, Jem. Jem’s favourite food is lacto-fermented pickles and he calls himself a “cheeky fermenter!” He is a potent reminder of the importance of fermented foods and high quality, nutrient-dense foods in the family diet for vibrant health.


Jem is also her continued inspiration for living sustainably and treading softly on the Earth. She believes that we have borrowed this Earth from our children and her life and business reflects that philosophy.

Yours in continued expansion into vibrant health 


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