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Other Projects Fermenting Away.....


Healy for your Health and Wellness.

Healy is a personal, wearable bioresonance device supporting your body to find health balance.

Here is a short video sharing more about this life-changing device:

If you would like to know more detail about Healy or how you could benefit from it, please head to

To learn more, please, request to join our facebook group: 

When you request to join, please mention in the entry questions, that Sammi Z has invited you. Please also feel free to send Sammi a friend request (with a personal message to her, introducing yourself). 

You can connect with her to learn more about this amazing device and opportunity here


Sammi Zajko Holistic Counselling Services.

Sammi is a qualified Person-Centered Counsellor working in her own holistic private practice. She provides a non-judgemental and open-minded space for clients to feel heard and understood, as they work through many of life’s challenges.


From grief, loss and bereavement support, to career counselling, nutritional counselling relationship support, spiritual support  and healing, or support through life’s transitions and difficulties, contact Sammi to see if she is the right support for you.

Face- to-face (Central Coast and Caves Beach, NSW) and online consults available. 0407 766 525

The Gut Solution Documentary Series

The Gut Solution is an 8-episode documentary series that explores the importance of the gut for overall health. Hippocrates said two thousand years ago that “all disease begins in the gut”, and science is finally catching up.

Through a series of interviews with world-leading health experts, The Gut Solution discovers that the gut is not only crucial for digestive health, but is foundational for good mental health, hormonal health, radiant skin, healthy weight and detoxification. Indeed, most diseases can be traced back to poor gut health.

The Gut Solution not only uncovers the little-known causes of poor gut, but provides practical tools to repair this vital organ.

Presented by over 40 world leading experts and doctors, The Gut Solution posits, “if you can heal your microbiome, your microbiome will heal you

Sammi is humbled and excited to be featured on this docu-series as Australia's leading expert on fermentation. 

Click the button below to register for this FREE 8 part series. 

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