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BONE BROTH - benefits and simple recipe.

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

There is a lot of talk about bone broth lately. Is it really as powerful as they say it is? Personally, I love it. I have used it for years to add additional flavour and nutrition to my and my family's meals.

As an added bonus, and in my opinion, it helps me feel young and energetic...and I ALWAYS get compliment on my skin. Some friends have even told me that I seem to be looking YOUNGER as the years go by. Nice, huh?

Why don't you try it and decide for yourself?


Bone broth is anti-ageing

Bone broth contains high amounts of collagen that forms the structural building blocks of strong skin, giving you a youthful glow. Collagen also supports hair growth, skin regeneration and assists in keeping your nails strong.

Bone broth is bone building

Vital minerals including calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in bone broth is important to help create and maintain strong and healthy bones.

Bone broth supports your gut

Bone broth is also one of the best foods to consume for those suffering digestive issues, as it is rich in gelatin. Gelatin is essential for connective tissue function – it literally acts to heal and seal the gut, making this broth essential for those suffering chronic inflammation or leaky gut syndrome.

Bone broth is anti-inflammatory

The long cooking time for bone broth breaks down cartilage and tendons releasing anti-inflammatory compounds, chondroitin sulphates and glucosamine, that are found in expensive supplements for arthritis and joint pain. These compounds keep your joints young and flexible.


This cooks easily in a slow-cooker.


Chicken Bones-I like to add chicken bones to my broth as I really enjoy the flavour that it imparts. I usually use a left over carcass from a roast chicken (or two), and/or large tray of chicken wings. You can also purchase organic raw chicken carcasses from the frozen meat section at some health food stores.

A pkt bones (grass-fed and/or organic preferred), or left-over, saved bones. You can save all bones from any meals in a container in the freezer to throw into your broth.

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar. This helps to release the beneficial minerals from the bones.

1 tsp salt

1 medium onion, halved

2 medium carrots, halved

2 smashed garlic cloves

1 leek, cut long-wise (optional, gives a beautiful flavour and sweetness.)

1 bay leaf, optional, but a nice addition

Filtered Water to fill the rest of the pot. I use Kangen water.

Pop all ingredients into the slow cooker.

This is the set it and forget it method! The slow cooker can gently simmer while you sleep. The resulting bone broth is rich in colour and flavor since the broth is not stirred and never vigorously boiled in the slow cooker. This method is EASY!

Allow to simmer for 12-24 hours.

Strain, discarding the bones and vegetables. Any meat can be pulled from the bones and cooked into a stew or curry, or fed to pets.

Pour broth into jars for storage. Broth freezes well and can be stored for about 3-6 months in the freezer. (if using glass jars and freezing, remember to leave some room for the broth to expand.)

You can also freeze broth in ice-cube trays for easy access to small amounts of nutrient-dense broth for sautéeing vegetables etc.

Not all bone broth will set and become jiggly and jelly-like in the fridge, although this is a really good thing if it does. This is an indication of great amounts of joint and gut-healing gelatin present in your broth. You can increase the gelatin in your broth, by adding lots of bones with JOINTS in them, eg chicken wings.

Ways to enjoy broth:

On it’s own. It makes a delicious warm drink. It is especially yummy with a small amount of pickle juice added to it! Check out me recipe here, on how to make your own pickles.

As a "bullet-proof bone broth." Warmed and then blended with MCT oil, butter and turmeric powder (optional.) This will keep you nourished, full and humming all day.

As a base for all soups, including miso soups

As a base for all stews, curries, casseroles etc. This is an amazing and simple way to add incredible flavour and extra nutrients to all your foods. I hardly ever cook without it.

Cook rice/veggies/pasta in it. I do this whenever I make these foods for my son, knowing that he gets extra nutrients with each bite. The additional nutrients in bone broth also help to counter the mineral-binding anti-nutrients in most grains.

Sautee mushrooms in it.

I even like to add bone broth to sweet foods sometimes- It is really nice added to stewed apples or other stewed fruits. You can also blend a frozen ice cube of broth through a smoothie.

In one of the pictures below, you also see a bone broth-apple juice- raspberry jelly!

How do you enjoy bone broth?? Let me know!

Yours in health, Sammi xxx

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