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Grazing Platter Top TEN Tips !

If you follow me on Instagram,you would see that I LOVE to create lush, abundant-looking grazing platters!

For me, this is a beautiful way to creatively express myself through one of my favourite mediums- healthy food! My obsession with creating delicious grazing platters began as I would create them for my fermenting workshop participants, as a glorious suggestion on how to share fermented foods in a fun way (hint; the BEST grazing platters have fermented foods on them! ;-) ) You can learn how to make your own easily at home, with my saurkraut ebook or my online fermenting masterclass. Use the code HEALTHY at checkout for my online class, to receive a $120 discount (my gift to you, during these uncertain times.)

As the weather warms up and gives way to Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, it is a timely time to brush off your platter or wooden chopping board, and start creating these delicious grazing platters.They are a real feast for the senses.

If you are restricted in your movements and ability to connect with others face-to-face or entertain, due to restrictions around the global situation, why not create a lush grazing platter for YOURSELF? What a beautiful way to do something special for yourself. Self-care and gentle self-love is so important right now.

Pictured above. Grazing platters showcasing fermented foods at my Fermenting Masterclass workshops.

Here are my top TEN tips for a gorgeous grazing platter

  1. Invest in a good quality, sharp knife. It makes all the difference!

  2. Choose a board that you love the shape and size of, for the base of your platter. I love wooden chopping boards. You can pick up some beautiful, locally-made ones from timber at most local markets or farmers' markets.

  3. I like to anchor my platters with the larger items first, eg pieces of cheese. You can then start to fill in the gaps with veggie sticks, fruit, cold meat cuts, dips, deli items, ferments etc.

  4. Keep you platters VIBRANT! I like to focus on incorporating a variety of different COLOURS and TEXTURES in my platters. This keeps them bright and fun! For example, adding some thinly sliced granny smith apple or some length-wise cut baby cucumbers adds a delightful splash of green. Purple saurkraut adds vibrant colour, cherry tomatoes add a beautiful pop of red!

  5. Use cute mini bowls and ceramic containers etc to hold wet items that you do not want to spill all over the platter or get other items soggy eg dips, olives in oil, brined fermented veggies etc.

  6. Keep your crackers away from items that may make them go soggy. To further avoid this, add your crackers, just as you are about to serve your platter. Speaking of crackers, I love to provide gluten-free crackers on my platters. You can also go one step further by creating some "cracker-free" crackers such as a carrot or cucumber that has been cut into thin rounds. A great paleo/keto alternative!

  7. You will see that i like to FILL my platters! I love to give a sense of abundance when i create them. I would advise that a smaller platter filled to the brim, looks more effective than a larger platter that looks sparse and empty.

  8. As you are near to completing your platter, fill any blank spaces with extras. You can bulk out your platters with carrot sticks, blue berries (I sprinkle these everywhere like confetti- they look great and add a real sense of "fullness" to the platters), strawberries, nuts, or nut/seed bites.

  9. My philosophy is to help make healthy wholefoods exciting and fun. I keep wholefoods, the primary focus of my platters- and people love them! However, there is nothing wrong with adding a few "treat" pieces to your platter- I love to add to occasional chocolate-coated pretzel, or choc-coated almonds. I also think that a chocolate or dessert platter would be pretty amazing! I might have to try that soon!

  10. Have fun! be playful! Food is fun and this is a great way to share it. Grazing platters don't just have to be for entertaining either. I love to create these style platters for our family dinners sometimes too.

Finally, use your own discretion around hygiene and safety. During these times, I would not suggest that you create these platters for public sharing. They are, however, perfect to share with close loved-ones at family events and small gatherings.

I would love to see YOUR images of your beautiful creations!

You will find my next, follow-up blog post on top tips to creating a stunning fruit mandala!

Enjoy, Sammi xxx

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