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Ideas with Pickle brine

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

What is this murky green stuff... and why am I telling you NEVER to throw it away!? This is the juice, or brine left over from when you ferment lacto-fermented pickles!

You can learn to make basic pickles here.

Don't be scared when it looks like pond-water (that's actually a great indication that it is teeming with live, beneficial microbes...) It also happens to be delicious-slighty salty, tart, and moorish!

Things you can do with your pickle juice:

🥒put it in the fridge and enjoy it chilled in a wine glass and a digestive tonic while you are cooking dinner

🥒add it to your salad dressings

🥒add a tablespoon to a warm cup of bone broth

🥒drizzle over kids food- rice, pasta, meat or veggies. A great subtle way to get kids to enjoy the benefits of probiotics

🥒add to homemade dips, mayonnaise and salsas. Eg hummus, quacamole.

🥒mmmmmmm... add to a bloody mary. Yum!

How do you enjoy pickle brine?

Enjoy that Bloody Mary! Sammi xxx

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