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Coconut Water Kefir

Hey fermenters!

Check out my easy, delicious and healthy recipe for Coconut Water Kefir on a facebook live video!

Contact me if you would like to purchase a kefir plant/SCOBY.

Kefir is an ancient, beneficial cultured beverage. In fact, the word “kefir” comes from the Turkish word for “good feeling.” This recipe is dairy-free and simple, using coconut water in a continuous brew method.

Coconut water kefir is full of beneficial microbes and powerful metabolites found in coconut water.

According to Donna Gates from the Body Ecology Diet, It can provide a multitude of benefits, like:

Alleviate kidney stones with high potassium levels found in coconut water.

Protect heart health against high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, blood clots, and heart attack.

Guard against food-borne pathogens with seven different strains of probiotic bacteria and yeast.

Control opportunistic yeast growth, like Candida.

May fight cancer and boost immunity with probiotic chemical messages.

May reduce the spread of cancerous cells.

This recipe is simple and will technically last forever if you continue to feed you kefir plant with coconut water regularly. You will be rewarded with this delicious, tart, effervescent and healthy drink!

Enjoy. xx

Easy coconut water kefir. I love taking this on the road with me, as it does not need refrigeration and travels easily (just top up with coconut water.)

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