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Easy, "left-over" brined veggies.

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Super quick, super easy morsels of fermented veggies don't need to be hard, or time consuming!

Every Wednesday night, in my family, we have Mexican-inspired dinner of some sort. It usually involves a Mexican-flavoured protein, and a whole bunch of finely sliced, raw salad veggies- our kids love it!

The other night, I had a good handful of finely sliced red cabbage and half a handful of grated carrot, and a few bits of sliced shallots leftover. I hate food waste, especially good quality, locally grown veggies that we buy. So, I simply popped the left-over veggies in a jar...and added some 2% salt brine (20g salt per litre water), to top it up.

I have left it on the bench for the last couple of days, and will leave for another week or so, until they are lightly fermented.

These little shred of fermented veggies, are full of probiotic goodness, essential for a healthy gut and overall health! They are easy to add to salads, veggie plates, burger, sandwiches and more! The brine is delicious to drink too! Just beacuse it is simple, doesn't mean that it isn't powerful!

andwiches and more! The brine is delicious to drink too!

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