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Why Counselling?

So, you may or may not know, that I am just starting my Counselling Private Practice.

Why did I take this path of becoming a counsellor?

I believe that healing and health is a multi-layered concept. No amount of nutritional health and physical health will override emotional trauma, unresolved grief, loss of sense of self or direction, broken relationships or lack of connection to your divine purpose.

So, last year, I embarked on a journey into becoming a counsellor- to complement the healing (nutritional, gut health and energy healing) that I already do.

I have experienced, first-hand, the freedom and growth that comes with seeing a professional counsellor, who believes in you. The last couple of years, I have been on a personal healing journey to resolve deep grief and trauma in my life. After a diagnosis of Complex-PTSD and traumatic grief, I was able to work closely with my counsellor to heal this, change and grow. He believed in me. He pushed me when I needed to be pushed and held me when I needed to be held. I am forever grateful and inspired. I have never felt more free, more unburdened, more in love with myself and more able to see a beautiful life ahead of me full of love and opportunity.

You will find this blog to be a mix between food/nutrition/fermenting/gut health content alongside deeper healing concepts such as emotional support through grief, trauma and mental un-ease. After all, we are just starting to expand on our knowledge between the gut-brain axis- the connection between gut health and mental health. These things are all connected! We cannot deny them!

I am passionate about reconnecting people to their true self and their true purpose. Supporting them through the challenges that life can throw at them and helping to ignite true healing on all levels.

So, here I am. A Person-Centered Counsellor, offering holistic counselling services in my own private practice. I am taking clients face-to-face at Avoca Beach, Central Coast, NSW ( soon in Wingham and Port Macquarie ) and also online on a secure Zoom meeting. Find more about it here.

I see you. I am ready to support you to change and grow.

Contact me for more info.

Yours in expansion, growth and healing, Sammi.

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