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Pollination Mama's Podcast interview- Birth, Death and Saurkraut.

I am really excited to share my latest podcast interview with you all. This time with a long-term friend and fellow wholistic lifestyler, Shelly McClure from Pollination Mama's.

Shelley and I were introduced to each other about 6 years ago. Grief over our losses at that time, united us. Shelley shares openly about her baby born sleeping, and I had experienced a late-term miscarriage.

However, Shelley and I had a lot more in common than our story of loss. We were both avid fermenters, permaculture gardeners and natural health advocates. At the time of our meeting, I was working as a doula (supporting women during pregnancy and birth). While I retired myself from rewarding, but exhausting doula work in 2015, Shelley currently works as an incredible pre-natal and post-partum doula- supporting mamas with traditional foods, herbs, wisdom and advocacy during pregnancy and after birth! Amazing!

While we no longer live in the same valley, our lives have strangely remained closely woven together with similar interests and messages of traditional wisdom and healing.

Below is Shelley's introduction to our podcast interview. We touch on a wide range of topics, weaving the cycles of life gently together. Birth, death and saurkraut!

Enjoy! xxx Sammi

***Trigger Warning: at around 40mins in the topic of suicide is shared and discussed for a few minutes.

New podcast up! Ep. 20 Cultured foods for health, the importance of whole health, mind, body, spirit. Listen Here.

Sammi Zajko is an amazingly multi-talented and passionate cross-pollinator. The founder of Fermenting Australia, Sammi has a background in Nutritional Medicine and natural health. With a passion to teach and share the wonderful and fascinating world of fermented food in a way that is accessible, easy and fun. Her workshops are energetic, informative and dynamic.

Sammi is also one half of The Gut Warriors- a dynamic duo who travel around the country teaching sell-out Gut Health Seminars extensively about the human microbiome, food to support gut health and of course, fermented foods. Recently featured alongside 40 other health practitioners and experts on the docu-series The Gut Solution. Sammi is also passionate about traditional foods and reviving these traditions for a thriving life. Sammi is also a Holistic Counsellor in her own private practice.

In my chat with Sammi we truly covered so much, Sammi shares her own story and how this led her to work in areas of birth, cultured food, thriving health, counselling, loss, death and finding purpose. Sammi is an inspiring wholistic thinker and practitioner and I believe there is something for everyone in this podcast.

***Trigger Warning: at around 40mins in the topic of suicide is shared and discussed for a few minutes

Topics covered:

- Sammi's cultural links to cultured food via her Polish lineage

- Traditional foods and the widespread use of fermentation in traditional cultures (wise traditions foods)

- The simplicity and power of cultured foods for health

- The 101 on Gut-Mind connection

- Physical, mental, spiritual health

- The importance of honouring and becoming more comfortable with loss and death

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